Who could replace Russia in the 2022 Women’s Euro

At the upcoming Women’s European 2022 Championship, out of the total 16 participating teams, Russia is one among them and it is not yet clear whether the nation will be allowed to play at this important women’s sporting event. UEFA, the organizing committee of European football has yet to decide whether or not Russia will play in the Women’s Euro 2022 Championship.

Who could replace Russia in 2022 Women's Euro
Who could replace Russia in the 2022 Women’s Euro

It was on Thursday, that the UEFA Executive committee in a meeting at Nyon announced that a decision still has yet to be confirmed about Russia’s participation in the games. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the team faced strong opposition from other countries, which has led to its suspension from all international soccer tournaments.

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Who could replace Russia in the 2022 Women’s Euro?

UEFA regulations made a statement “If a team classified for an official competition could not compete, UEFA itself must replace it and, in that case, decide which team would occupy its place according to the results obtain from the previous qualifiers”.

FIFA also banned the team from competing in all of its competitions, taking back their decision to allow them to play under a different name. It is expected that Portugal might replace Russia and will play in Group C against Switzerland, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

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Russia has not been allowed to compete in some of the major soccer league competitions.
Russia was banned to compete against Poland in the playoff of the Men’s World Cup Qualifying match. At the European League, Spartak Moscow was restricted from playing in the quarterfinals.

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