Women’s Euro Championship: All-time top Goalscorers

Women’s Euro 2022 is one of the biggest football championships scheduled to begin its extravaganza on 7th July 2022. As the event is approaching closer, fans and football enthusiasts from all across the world especially from European nations are well curious to reveal more about the top performers.

Women's Euro top Goalscorers
Women’s Euro : All-time top Goalscorers

Women’s Euro All-time top Goalscorers

Was in the year 1984, the Women’s European Football championship made its official debut in international events. So far it has been 28 years, where some of the finest women goal scorers have penned their names in the all-time top goalscorers. Here we have covered the top 10 Women’s Euro All-time goalscorers.

Inka Grings (Germany) – 10 goals
Inka Grings tops the list of All-time top goal scorers with 10 goals in her name at the Women’s Euro championship. She delivered an outstanding performance at the 2005 and 2009 Euro championships with an impressive 10 goals for her team.

Birgit Prinz (Germany) – 10 goals
Birgit Prinz has been part of her team from 1995 and 2009, where she scored 10 goals in five major tournaments. In her international career as a football player, Birgit had a remarkable scorecard of 128 goals in 214 appearances.

Carolina Morace (Italy) – 8 goals
One of the finest players, Carolina Morace played a total of six European championships for her country and is the only player to have won 150 caps with 115 goals. In the year 1997, Carolina bagged the prestigious golden boot award in the finals of the European championship.

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Heidi Mohr (Germany) – 8 goals
In the list of all-time European favorites, Heidi Mohr stands at number fourth position for her best achievements for Germany between 1989 and 1995. With four goals in two games at the Euros finals, Mohr clinched her first-ever golden boot award.

Lotta Schelin (Sweden) – 8 goals
Latta Schelin marked her presence on the team at the Euro 2013 event. She was awarded a golden boot for her outstanding performance of scoring six goals in five matches on the field. She is named as an all-time top goal scorer for Sweden with 88 goals in 185 appearances.

Hanna Ljungberg (Sweden) – 6 goals
Another player on the list of all-time greats for Sweden after Latta Schelin is Hanna Ljungberg. She had a fantastic football career, scoring 72 goals in 130 appearances.

Melania Gabbiadini (Italy) – 5 goals
At number seventh position stands Melania Gabbiadini with five goals in four Euro tournaments. In her 114 international appearances, Melania has successfully managed to score 45 goals.

Solveig Gulbrandsen (Norway) – 5 goals

Maren Meinert (Germany) – 5 goals
She is the only player for Germany to score every single goal in the matches she played between 1993 and 2007. At the 1997 European tournament, she scored a debut goal for her team and also been the winner of three European titles.

Patrizia Panico (Italy) – 5 goals

Pia Sundhage (Sweden) – 5 goals
Pia Sundhage is a veteran football player to has won four games with four goals in each of them. She is still remembered for her brilliant execution as a forward player in the 1984 European championship.

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Bettina Wiegmann (Germany) – 5 goals
Bettina Wiegmann’s football career for her team Germany is still remembered for scoring five goals in each of the five tournaments between 1991 and 2001. During her tenure as a football player, she has been successful in bagging four medals.

Rank Name Total
1 Inka Grings 10
Birgit Prinz 10
3 Carolina Morace 8
Heidi Mohr 8
Lotta Schelin 8
6 Hanna Ljungberg 6
7 Melania Gabbiadini 5
Solveig Gulbrandsen 5
Maren Meinert 5
Patrizia Panico 5
Pia Sundhage 5
Jodie Taylor 5
Lena Videkull 5
Bettina Wiegmann 5

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